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Hey! I'm Sarthak Mohanty.

I'm an ambitious high schooler with a keen eye for design and I love expressing my creativity in various ways. You can often catch me designing the school yearbook or the newest, weirdest idea that came out of my noggin.

I currently live and attend school down in the heart of the Texas hill country with my playful (and more responsible) friends. I'm a stacked AP student with an interest in going into the biomedical or creative arts field.

Some of my selected projects

Personal Website

This current website. Made with Next and Tailwind.

Zoom Dashboard

Dashboard of Zoom links to make it easier to join zoom classes. Previously using Express, transitioning to Next.

Resource Bank

Bank of resources for school. SAT to AP Prep Books, Test Banks, Quiz Banks all-in-one.

Link Shortener

Shorten super-long links using my short domain. Accepts parameters at the end of links too!

Santa and Rudolph

Made for the week-long festival of open-source making, Santa and Rudolph are gp-giving slack bots for Hack Club that award Hack Clubbers during the festival of giving for making pull requests to a hackclub collective! Rudolph is made in Swift and Santa is made in Javascript.

Timeline of Me

Youth Code Jam

Student Volunteer and Station Lead

Making coding and computer science fun, sociable, and accesible for all.

May 2018


Social Media Marketing and Research Intern

May 2019

Brandeis High School

On the STEM track, set to graduate in 2022.

August 2019

Rapid App

Design Engineer and Front-end and Back-end Developer

June 2020

Resource Bank

Lead Developer and Subject Leader

June 2020

Red Ink Review

Design and Marketing Intern

July 2020

Alamo City Hacks

Lead Organizer

Inclusively creating the next-generation of South Texas hackathons.

August 2020

Hack Club

Community Lead and Member

We are the movement of students building the classes we wish we could take.

September 2020

I love music. Here's what I'm listening to right now.

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